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I'm asked to tell which of the following peptide segments is most likely to be part of a stable Alpha Helix at physiological pH? Only 1 can be chosen

1. gly-gly-gly-ala-gly
2. gly-arg-lys-his-gly
3. pro-leu-thr-pro-trp
4. lys-lys-ala-arg-ser
5. glu-leu-ala-lys-phe
6. glu-glu-glu-glu-glu
7. tyr-trp-phe-val-lie

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    Tyr-Trp-Phe-Val-iLe is wrong because of the big bulky tyr,trp, and phe.

    Anything with Gly is wrong because gly is too flexible which causes it to form other helicies.

    (This is the feedback given from Sapling)

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