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Help on my math question

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A $2,000 deposit at an APR of 5.4% with quarterly compounding for 8 years. The amount after 8 years ?? I need to find what the amount would be after 8 years please help

This not Dave my name is Tommy I don't even know who Dave is and I'm sorry if you think I am I don't know how to solve these . My dad would get really mad he is the president of Harvard lol so you can see I'm in a tight squeeze.

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    I just did this though

    MATH HELP - Damon, Sunday, January 27, 2013 at 8:43pm

    .054/4 = .0135
    that is your quarterly rate so every 3 months multiply by

    1.0135^32 = 1.53589
    so multiply 2,000 by that. 3071.78

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    Please check the ones that are already done, whoever they are for. (at the bottom of the screen)

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