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Excel formula help

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Formula to multiply the number in cell 4k times standard deviation of the numbers in cell z2 through z10
I don't understand cell z2 through z10
I have never had excel
Please write this correctly

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    To indicate a range of cells to be included in a formula, you use a colon between the first and last. Example

    To add all the numbers in cells c3 through c8, you'd write =sum(c3:c8)

    Something similar is going on here, but I have no clue about how to calculate standard deviation for any reason!

    Use + to indicate adding two cells.
    Use - to indicate subtracting one cell from the other.
    Use * to indicate multiplication.
    Use / to indicate division.

    READ AND STUDY at least the first three of the links in those search results I sent you before.

  • Excel formula help -

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