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Fred and Wilma are neighbors. Every morning Fred walks his dog spike by Wilma's house, and almost every morning Spike poops in Wilma's yard. A city ordinance requires that dog oners must keep their dogs on a leash, but Fred never uses a leash while walking Spike. The ordinance doesn't say anything about pet pooping. Wilma walks out to meet Fred one morning and makes Fred an offer. "If you will promise to pick up after your dog whenever he poops in my yard, I will bake you an apple pie every month." Fred accepts and picks up the poop every day. After a month Fred sees Wilma in her yard and yells " Hey where's my Pie"
Does Wilma owe Fred a Pie?
Question 12 options:

Yes, because both sides gave consideration

Yes, because a reasonable time had passed since the offer was accepted.

No, because Fred had an existing public duty to pick up his dog's poop

No, because Fred had an existing private duty to pick up the poop per the terms of their agreement.

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