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My Chem professor is out for the weekend and I'm confused about what the question is asking or the equations needed...

A 10.0-g block of pure nickel
(Cp = 0.445 J/g-°C) is brought to each of the temperatures below. A sealed beaker containing 15.0 g water at the temperature listed is placed on top of the nickel block and the system is allowed to equilibrate. Calculate the final temperature of the water and the state(s) at which it exists for each scenario. You may assume no heat is lost to the beaker or the surroundings. (Also assume that the average heat capacity for liquid water is 4.180 J/g-°C).
(Four parts, a-d).
(a) initial temperature of nickel = 82.1°C; initial water sample = ice at
The final temperature of the water is ____ degrees Celsius.

Thanks for your help!!

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