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Give the domain of the following functions. Give your answer in interval notation. a) f(x)= 5x-2/x^2-5x+6 and b) square root of 5-2x

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    a. F(x) = (5x-2)/(x^2-5x+6)

    F(x) = (5x-2)/(x-2)(x-3).
    Any value of x that causes a zero
    denominator is outside of the domain.

    X = 2 and X = 3 will cause the denominator to be o. Therefore, they are outside of the domain.

    Domain: All real values of X except 2, and 3.

    b. Sqrt(5-2x).
    Any value of X that causes the radical to go negative is outside the domain.

    2x > 5.
    X > 5/2
    X > 2.5 is outside of domain.
    Domain: X <= 2.5. Or 2.5 > X =2.5.

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