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Firemen are shooting a stream of water at a burning building. A high-pressure hose shoots out the water with a speed of 24.0{\rm m}/{\rm s} as it leaves the hose nozzle. Once it leaves the hose, the water moves in projectile motion. The firemen adjust the angle of elevation of the hose until the water takes 3.30{\rm s} to reach a building 45.0{\rm m} away. You can ignore air resistance; assume that the end of the hose is at ground level.

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    You have omitted the question itself. See the first Related Question below for the full question.

    The 35 m of horizontal travel in 3.0 s tell you the horizontal velocity component, 11.67 m/s. The hose angle is the angle whose cosing is 11.67/27.0

    At the highest point of the trajectory, the water's vertical velcoity component is zero. You should know what the horizintal component is.. it does not change.

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