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Homework Help: English Please help

Posted by Deborah on Friday, January 25, 2013 at 8:35pm.

1. Why is there no charity in Mithila?

A.) No one in the country is need of it.

B.) The poor can collect the cast-off

C.) jewelry for money.

D.)The wealthy are greedy and do not give to the poor.

No one is wealthy enough to give to others.

2. Why does Sita feel ill after seeing Rama?

A.) She is disturbed by how he looked at her.

B.) She recognizes him as a sorcerer.

C.) She has fallen in love with him.

D.) She is stunned that he vanished before her eyes.

3. In the village described in “My Father Writers to My Mother,” when a woman speaks about her husband, it is customary for her to refer to him as

A.) “my husband.”

B.) “my dear.”

C.) “him.”

D.) “The Pure.”

4. As the story opens, Abboud Bey is

A.) smoking a cigarette.

B.) traveling on business.

C.) phoning the police.

D.) visiting the club.

5. Samia’s father is a

A.) clerk.

B.) udge.

C.) thief.

D.) jeweler.

6. How does Samia first indicate to her husband that she has found the ring?

A.) She explains how the ring was lost.

B.) She raises her hand to show it to him.

C.) She tells him she is happy to report the ring has been found.

D.) She never tells him that she has found the ring.

Choose the correct form of the pronoun in parentheses.

7. (Who, Whom) are you going to the park with?

A.) Who
B.) Whom

True or False
8. The following sentence contains sensory description: As I bit into the apple, the juice dripped down my chin and through my fingers.

A.) true
B.) false

I only know the answers to a few. Will you please help me with the rest.


7.) false
8.) B

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