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dress making

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1. Which one of the following is the most complete and accurate definition of fiber?
A. A stringy substance from plants
B. The hair of an animal
C. Man-made threads and yarns
D. Basic raw material from which fabric is made

2. An example of a natural fiber is
A. nylon.
B. Dacron.
C. cotton.
D. Acrilan.

3. All woven fabrics are made from fibers, which have been
A. cut into short lengths.
B. twisted into yarn.
C. spun into filaments.
D. bulked and crimped.

4. Most natural yarns are made from staple fibers, a term which means that the fibers are
A. very long with a smooth surface.
B. twisted to give them a bulky texture.
C. crimped to make them elastic.
D. produced naturally in short lengths.

5. The only natural fiber that's a filament is
A. silk.
B. wool.
C. cotton.
D. linen.

6. If you were to purchase some wool gabardine fabric, you would know that it was made from
A. woolen yarn.
B. worsted yarn.
C. shoddy wool.
D. virgin wool.

7. Nylon fiber is classified under which one of these headings?
A. Polyamide
B. Polyester
C. Polyurethane
D. Protein

8. The threads first placed on a loom for weaving a fabric are called the
A. selvage.
B. shuttle.
C. warp.
D. weft.

9. Acetate's ability to dissolve in acetone is used in the production of which one of these types of lace?
A. Alencon
B. Chantilly
C. Schiffli
D. Guipure

10. Jersey is an example of which one of these types of fabrics?
A. Knitted
B. Bonded
C. Woven
D. Pile

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    Where are your answers??

    Don't tell me you're trying to get someone else to answer these Penn Foster exam questions for you!!!

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    these are super easy!!!

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