March 26, 2017

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What is the net force of a 5.0 N force and an 7.0 N force acting on an object for each of the following conditions?
(a) The forces act in opposite directions. ( )N
(b) The forces act in the same direction.( )N
A force of 2.4 N is exerted on a 6.2 g rifle bullet. What is the bullet's acceleration?
( ) m/s2
What is the force in newtons acting on a 4.6 kg package of nails that falls off a roof and is on its way to the ground?
( )N
A small car with a mass of 800 kg travels northward at 28 m/s.
Does the car have more or less momentum than a truck with a mass of 12000 kg traveling eastward at 15 m/s?

How much more or less?
Two ice skaters stand together as illustrated in Figure (a) below. They "push off" and travel directly away from each other, the boy with a velocity of v = 0.33 m/s to the left. If the boy weighs 728 N and the girl weighs 465 N, what is the girl's velocity after they push off? (Consider the ice to be frictionless. Enter the magnitude only.)
An asteroid in an elliptical orbit about the sun travels at 1.5 106 m/s at perihelion (the point of closest approach) at a distance of 3.3 108 km from the sun. How fast is it traveling at aphelion (the most distant point), which is 9.2 108 km from the sun?

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