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Posted by Jerald on Thursday, January 24, 2013 at 9:17pm.

Read the sentences combine them by changing one sentence into a phrase

1.Alexis helps people understand the exhibits. Alexis is a guide at the museum.
Alexis, a guide at the museum,helps people understand the exhibits.

2.Settlers built new towns in Texas. They built them during the 1890s.
Settlers built new towns in Texas during the 1890s.

3. The class performed a play. The play was Shakespeare.
The class performed a play by Shakespeare.

4.Darlene went to the museum. She wanted to see the quilt exhibit.
Darlene went to the museum to see the quilt exhibit.

5. Randall plays goalie. he plays on the hockey team.
Randall plays goalie on the hockey team.

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