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Caculate the wavelength of light emitted when each of the following transitions occur in the hydrogen atom.
A.) n=3->n=2
B.) n=4->n=3
C.) n=2->n=1

How do you do this. Could you please just show me step by step for atleaset one. Please!

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    1/wavelength = R*(1/n1^2 - 1/n2^2)
    R = 1.09737E7
    I tried to write n1 and square the n, not square the 1. Likewise, n2 and square the n and not the 2. The numbers are
    1/n1^2 = 1/2^2 = 1/4
    1/n2^2 = 1/3^2 = 1/9
    wavelength in meters.
    1/w =1.09737E7(1/4 - 1/9)
    Solve for w.

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