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science is hardddd!!!!

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Can I Have An Example Of A Closed System??
Please use easy words that I can understand, Im not that smart and i'm only in 7th grade.

Also can you give me an example of an Open System??

Thank You.

  • science is hardddd!!!! -

    Oh! And this is 7th grade science so please don't make it difficult for me to understand.

    Thanks Again.

  • science is hardddd!!!! -

    Okay lets give this a try.

    Imagine that you have a kennel and a small dog. Lets think about the kennel as the system and the dog as our energy source inside the kennel. The dog has a mass of, lets say 5kg. You lock the kennel with the dog in it. Another dog comes along and he wants to play with the dog that you locked in the kennel. The other dog also has a mass of 5kg. Since the dog can not leave the kennel, the system is called a closed system because the dog's mass that is already inside the kennel can not leave and the dog that is outside the kennel can not enter. Since mass can not be transfered, meaning the dogs can not enter or leave the system (kennel), the system is a closed system. Now imagine that you remove the door and the lock form the kennel. Since both dogs can enter and leave as they chose, the system (the kennel) is called an open system because mass can transfer inside and outside the system.

    I hope this helps.

  • science is hardddd!!!! -

    thank you very much for your help.

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