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A cylinder with a movable piston contains gas at a temperature of 27 degrees celsius, a volume of 1.50 meters cubed, and an absolute pressure of 0.200 X 10 to the fifth Pa. What will be its final temperature if the gas is compressed to 0.700 meters cubed and the absolute pressure increases to 0.800 X 10 to the fifth Pa?

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    This seems like chemistry, not physics.
    Use the combined gas law PV/T=PV/T and solve for T.

    [(0.2 x10^5 Pa)(0.8 x10^5)]/27=T

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    T₁ =27+273=300 K
    p₁V₁/T₁= p₂V₂/T₂
    T₂ = T₁•p₂V₂/p₁V₁= …. K (!)

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    opps, sorry about the rearranging of the formula and she is right you have to convert to kelvins before doing the math.

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    287 degrees Celsius

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