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2. Which of the following is responsible for carrying nutrients to and waste from the body’s cells? (1 point)
red blood cells
red and white blood cells
white blood cells
3. _________ defend the body against disease. (1 point)
Red blood cells
White blood cells
4. Which molecule transports oxygen in red blood cells? (1 point)
5. A person with the blood type AB ______________ (1 point)
cannot receive blood from a person with any other blood type.
can only receive blood from a person with O blood type.
can receive blood from a person with any blood type.
can give blood to a person with any blood type.
6. Which of the following occurs if a person is given the wrong type of blood during a blood transfusion? (1 point)
Red blood cells clump.
Clots form in the blood vessels.
The person could die.
all of the above blood cells
3.White blood cells
5.can receive blood from a person with any blood type.
6.c or d

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