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Calculate the amount of H2SO4 needed to make 1.00L of acid rain with a PH equal to the average PH of rain in Maine (ph = 5.0). Concentration of H2SO4 to use = .00100M

I am absolutely confused...please help

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    How advanced is this course; i.e., do you use the ionization of H2SO4 as 1 H^+ or 2H^+? My guess is that you use it as 2H^+ although only a small amount ionizes a second time; therefore, I will show you H2SO4 using only 1 H^+/mol H2SO4. I also note that "amount" is not stipulated as grams or volume.
    pH = 5.0 means (H^+) = 1E-5 mols/L.
    You want 1L of 1E-5 mol/L
    You have 0.001M
    M = mols/L
    0.001 = 1E-5/L
    L = 1E-5/0.001 = = 0.01L or 10 mL.
    If your teacher insists on using both H^+ from H2SO4, the answer will be about half of the above.
    Check my work.

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