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how to calculate the mass of hydrogen in 150.0 g of ethene

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    Ethene is C2H2.
    %hydrogen in C2H2 is (Mass H/molar mass)*100 = ?
    Then 150 x (%H/100) = ?

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    Ethene has a double bond between the carbons. The formula is C2H4, not C2H2;ethylene's formula is C2H2.

    150g/28.05g/mole will give you the number of moles of ethene. Since the ratio between ethene and H2 is 1 to 4, multiply the number of moles of ethene by 4 to get the number of moles of H. Take the number of moles of H and multiply by the molecular weight of H, which is 1.008g/mole.

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    Ethylene has a triple bond composed of a pi and sigma bonds.

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    Ethene is C2H4 and not C2H2. Sorry about that. C2H2 is acetylene.

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