March 25, 2017

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Word box avenge cede deluge discretion giddy impact intimidate liberate logical misrepresent optional outright rendezvous rotund saunter sluggish subordinate tint variable verge.
I'm going to skip some on my paper so I skipped some numbers.

14.After the heavy meal we felt so _____ that we just sat in the living room and watched whatever was on television

15. The impact of the head on collision was so severe that the drivers of both vehicles were killed ___

19. Because of the lawyer's long experience in legal matters, we left it to his ____ how to proceed with the case

20. Many people say that they become quite ____ when they look down from the top of a tall building

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    19. is wrong. The others are right.

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    2.Our "truth in advertising" laws are designed to discourage manufacturers from ____ the virtues of their products

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    Actually no discretion belongs in this sentence.

    Because of the lawyer's long experience in legal matters we left it to his Discretion how to proceed with the case

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    Yes -- discretion is right, now.

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