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Word box avenge cede deluge discretion giddy impact intimidate liberate logical misrepresent optional outright rendezvous rotund saunter sluggish subordinate tint variable verge.
I'm going to skip some on my paper so I skipped some numbers.

1. By late September the leaves on the trees in my neck of the woods have begun to take on their normal autumn ___

3. Next year, when we have a stronger, more experienced team, we hope to ____ the crushing defeat we have just suffered.

4.The two groups of hikers, setting out from different points, have planned a(n) ____ at four o' clock at Eagle Rock.

5. After being defeated in a war that lasted from 1846 to 1848, Mexico was forced to __ vast territories in the U.S.

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    Yay! All are correct.

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    7.According to the Bible, Noah and his family were the omly human beings to survive the great ___ that once engulfed the world.

    8. Even fans sitting high in the stands could hear the ____ when the big fullback crashed into the line.

    9.We believe that the world is now on the ___ of new exciting developments that may dramatically change the was we live

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    11. Uncle Eddie with his ___ figure, is often called on to play Santa Claus

    12. Every eye was on us as we ____ down Main Street in our new outfits,

    13. As a young and inexperienced employee, you cannot expect to hold more thaan a(n) ____ job in that big company

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    Right again!

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