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Posted by Dawna on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 at 5:44pm.

3. The quantity 0.850kg of ice at -20 degrees Celsius is added to 1.100kg of water in an aluminum Calorimetry cup at 7 degrees Celsius. The mass of the Calorimetry cup is 0.250kg. Use your knowledge of specific heats and latent heats to determine the temperature for the ice/water/cup system after it has come to thermal equilibrium. If that thermal equilibrium is zero degrees Celsius, determine how much of the ice in the cup has melted, and how much remains frozen. Another scenario for the zero degrees Celsius equilibrium is that where none of the ice melts, and instead some of the cooled water actually freezes, adding to the amount of ice in the system.

Note: This problem requires a careful analysis of both positive and negative quantities of heat.

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