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Which of the following statements is not true about samples that can be treated as matched pairs data?
I. Data collected on these samples is analyzed by calculating the differences between paired observations and using that data in one sample tests.

II. Each value in the first group of numbers has a relationship to a value in the second group.

III. It's best to analyze related samples by conducting hypothesis tests on the mean from the first and the second groups, in that order.

II only

II and III only

I, II, and III

I and III only

III only


Which of the following statements are true about matched pairs analysis?
I. In a matched pair analysis you use a single-sample procedure. The sample is made up of the difference between pairs of observations.

II. In a matched pairs analysis the two original samples are said to be dependent on each other.

III. In a matched pairs analysis each of the two original samples is analyzed separately before comparing their means.

IV. In a matched pairs analysis you start with two sets of observations on a single variable.

II and III only

III and IV only

I, II, and III only

I and II only

I, II, and IV only

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