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I have another Stats question i'm confuesed on.

classify the sample as random, systematic, covenience, stratified, or cluster.

A marketing executive fo General Motors finds that its public department has just printed envelopes with the names and addresses of all Corvette owners, She wants to do a pilot test of a new marketing strategy, so she thoroughly mixes all of the envelopes in a bin, then obtains a sample group by pulling 50 of those envelopes.

this one really confuses me. I'm not sure if the whole population is all the customers from GM and the sub groups are Corvette owners and other car owners. or if the population is all corvette owners and no sub groups. if it's the latter then the situation would be classified as random. if its the first though, it could be either Stratified or cluster. but it doesn't fall directly into either group. Stratified is when you sample from each sub group, which didn't happen. Cluster is when you sample from ALL of one sub group. which didn't happen either. any help would be great. thank you for your time!

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    The population is all Corvette owners. That's the only ones who had envelopes.

    The 50 are a random sample of Corvette owners.

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