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Homework Help: Pol 201 American National Goverment

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Please help

The weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation were dramatized by all of the following except
My ANSWER is (D)
(A) the Newburgh Conspiracy.
(B) Shays’ Rebellion.
(C) the absence of a centralized authority.
(D) the absence of a single currency.

Impeachment can be characterized as a
My answer is (a)
(A) sole responsibility of the Senate.
(B) shared function between the Senate and the Supreme Court.
(c) shared function between the House of Representative and the Senate.
(D)sole responsibility of the House of Representatives.

In Federalist Paper No. 10, Madison argues that
My Answer is (D)

@The answer can be found in the section “The Federalist Papers.”
(A) factions should be outlawed.
(B) stronger factions are necessary to unify the nation.
(C) factions need to be regulated in order to protect liberty.
(D) more factions make it difficult for any one faction to dominate others.

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