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3 balls are drawn successively from a box containing 6red,4 white and 5 blue balls.Find the probability that they are drawn in order red,white and blue if:(a)each ball is replaced.(b)balls are not replaced

  • Statistics -

    If the events are independent, the probability of both/all events occurring is determined by multiplying the probabilities of the individual events.

    6/15 * 4/15 * 5/15 = ?

    Without replacement, there is one less ball total in the following draws.

    6/15 * 4/14 * 5/13 = ?

  • Statistics -

    one bag contains 4 white balls,2 black balls.another bag contains 3 white balls 5 black balls.if one ball is drawn from each bag. find that
    a) both are white?
    b) both are black?
    c)one is white and one is black?

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