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*cubic square root*125h^9s^1/*cubic square root*h^-6s^-1

The expression above equals kh^rs^t
where r, the exponent of h, is..?
and t, the exponent of s, is...?
and k, the leading coefficient is...?
all answers should be rational numbers

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    Never heard of a cubic square root

    we have a square root , such as √9 or 9^(1/2)
    we have a cube root, such as 27^(1/3)

    so I will assume you have

    (125h^9 s)^(1/3) / (h^-6 s^-1)^(1/3)
    = 5h^3 s^(1/3) / (h^-2 s^(-1/3)
    = 5 h^5 s^(2/3)

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