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chemistry - Please help

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In the redox reaction:
2FeS + 4.5 O(subscript 2)+ 2H(subscript 2)O > Fe(subscript 2)O(subscript 3) +
2H(subscript 2)SO(subscript 4)

Fe is oxidized or reduced (select one) from ___ to ___.

S is oxidized or reduced (select one) from ___ to ___.

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    You only need to know the definitions.
    Oxidation is the loss of electrons; reduction is the gain of electrons.
    To do loss and gain of electrons you use the oxidation states. Fe is +2 in FeS and +3 in Fe2O3. S is -2 in FeS and +6 in H2SO4.

  • chemistry - Please help -


    I understand that oxidation is a loss, but appears as an increase. I still have two questions.

    1) Fe goes from +2 to +3, and S goes from -2 to +6. They both appear to be oxidized because they increased.
    Please explain.

    2)I think my problem is that I don't understand how you got the +2, +3, -2 and +6. I have looked at problems on the internet and see how they are oxidized or reduced when they write the numbers in the answers. I can follow that, but I don't see how they get the numbers in the first place. Please help me.

  • chemistry - Please help -

    Dr. Bob222,

    Ok, I'm starting to see how to get the oxidation numbers. However, since S goes from -2 to+6, does it also oxidize?

    is it possible that both can oxidize? I thought one oxidized while the other reduced.

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