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An elctrochemical cell is made up of Zn&Co
with their standard reduction potential -0.76V,-0.28V respectively.
1. Select the anode&cathode?
2. Write down the cell reactions?
3. Compute the e.m.f of the cell?

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    Select the larger value of reduction potential, reverse it and change the sign. That will be Zn^2+ + 2e ==> Zn Eored = -0.76

    Zn ==> Zn^2++ 2e Eo ox = 0.76v
    Co^2+ + 2e ==> Co Eo red = -.28v
    Zn +Co^2+ ==>Zn2+ + Co is cell rxn.
    Eocell = Eoox + Eored = +0.76 + (-0.28) = ? is cell voltage.

    That anode is where oxidation occurs. Which of the two half cells I've written above is oxidation(loss of electrons)? The cathode of course is the other one.

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