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Which of the following is a direct result of the equation of continuity?

a. The pressure one meter below the surface of water is about 10% greater than atmospheric
b. The pressure on the inlet side of a horizontal pipe through which water is flowing at
constant speed equals the pressure on the outlet side.
c. When the open end of a long evacuated tube is inserted into a pool of water, water rises to
about 10 m in the tube.
d. Placing your thumb partially over the opening of a hose causes the velocity of the water
leaving the hose to increase.
e. None of the above.

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    I believe B,C, and D are correct but not A. gauge pressure is = Density*gravity*depth, which comes out to be 9800 PA. This isn't anywhere close to 10% of atmospheric pressure.

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    Nope, Devron.
    Lets look at A. If normal atmospheric pressure is 10m of water, then 1m below the surface of water adds about 10percent to the pressure.

    B. constant speed? True. that means the area on the inlet is the same as the area of the outlet. This neglects friction,..
    C. true
    d. true, every schoolkid has done this in the summer.

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    You are correct.

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