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I have to write the equation for the following and I am not figuring it out.I was out with flu and so lost...please help.

How many moles of Hydrochloric acid are needed to dissolve 39.0 grams of aluminum Hydroxide?

How many grams of precipitate will form a reaction between 10g of calcium bromide and an excess of silvernitrate?

How many grams of gas will evolve in reaction between 20.0g of chalk (CaCO3) and an excess of sulfiric acid?

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    The middle one.
    CaBr2 + 2AgNO3 --> 2AgBr + Ca(NO3)2

    mols CaBr2 = g/molar mass
    Using the coefficients in the balanced equation, convert mols CaBr2 to mols AgNO3.
    Now convert mols AgNO3 to g. g = mols x molar mass.

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