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Percents Using Proportions

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I do not understand the wording and/or got stuck while I was working on the following two problems:

The attendance at a family reunion was 160 people. This was 125% of last year's attendance. How many people attended the reunion last year?

There are 1,295 students attending a small university. There are 714 women enrolled. What percentage of students are women?

I would like to know how to set up the problems, etc. I can set up the last problem but would like some extra assistance with the first one please. The last one I can assemble the numbers in the correct order but I question my answers. Thanks.

(For the second one)

714/1295 = n/100

Other than that I don't know what I'm doing right or wrong. Thank you.

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    714/1295 = n/100

    1295n = 71400

    n = 71,400 / 1295

    n = 55.135%


    160/125 = x/100

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    Here is my (probably incorrect) work so far:

    1) n/160 = 125/100 40
    160x125=4000 ________
    100 | 4000

    Was I suppose to divide it or not? I'm not sure.

    2) 714/1295 = n/100
    714/1295=102/185 185 | 10,200


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    Thank you! I will reverse my work now. This was extremely helpful for grasping a new concept.

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    You're welcome.

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