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Help me! Physics

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A block of aluminum with a mass of 2.6 kg is at 13C and comes in contact with a hot block of copper with a mass of 10.2 kg at 93C. What is the equilibrium temperature in Celsius degrees?
caluminum = 0.22 kcal/kgC
ccopper = 0.093 kcal/kgC

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    Heat gained by aluminum equals heat lost by copper. Let T be the final equilibrium temperature of both.

    The heat gain of each metal is
    Q = M*C*(T2 - T1). It heat is lost, that number is negative

    2.6*0.22*(T-13) = 10.2*0.093*(93-T)

    Solve for T.

    0.572T - 7.436 = 88.22 - 0.9486 T
    1.5206 T = 95.65
    T = 63 C

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    why is the heat lost by the metal sample (Ql)equal to he heat gained by the water in the calorimeter (QG)?

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