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1. Create the indicated algebraic expression. Use descriptive variables. The length of a rectangular lawn is 6 ft more than three times the width of the lawn. Express the length of the lawn in terms of the width.

A. 3+w+6
B. 3(w+6)
C. 6w+3
D. 3w+6

For 1 I thought it was B?

2. Convert the following number to scientific notation. The diameter of Jupiter is approximately 143,000,000 meters.

a. 1.43 * 10^7 meters
b. 1.43 * 10^8 meters
c. 14.3 * 10^7 meters
d. 14.3 * 10^8 meters.

For 2 I thought it was A?

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    1. (D)
    B is "three times six feet more than the width"

    2. (B)
    If you shift the decimal place by 7 in (A) you get 14,300,000

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    Thanks Steve! You've been a great help through this

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