April 2, 2015

Homework Help: Algebra II

Posted by Hally on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 10:00pm.

1)What method(s) would you choose to solve the equation:

x2 + 2x - 6 = 0

A. Square roots; there is no x-term.

B. Quadratic formula, graphing; the equation cannot be factored easily since the numbers are large.

C. Factoring; the equation is easily factored.

D. Quadratic formula, completing the square or graphing; the coefficient of x2-term is 1, but the equation cannot be factored. <<<------

2)What are the solutions of the equation?
c^2 - 10c = 0

A. 1, squareroot10 <<<----

B. 0, 10

C. 0, sqrt10

D. 0, 10

3)Use the discriminant to determine the number of real-number solutions for the equation:
8x2 + 8x + 2 = 0

A. one solution <<<---

B. two solutions

C. no solutions

D. infinitely many solutions

4)What are the solutions of the equation: z2 - 12z + 36 = 0?

A. -6, 6 <<----

B. 6, 6

C. 6, -6

D. -6, -6

am i right? if not, please help me out. :D
thank u!

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