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7. two paths diverge at a 48 degree angle. two mountain bike riders take separate routes at 8km/hr and 12 km / far apart are they after two hours?

8. Draw a diagram to solve this problem:
Ajax is 10 km due west of Oshawa. Uxbridge is 18 km NW of Oshawa. How far is it from Ajax to Uxbridge? Explain whether you have enough information to solve this problem.

9. A golfer hits a tee shot on a 325 m long straight golf hole.
The ball is hooked (hit at an angle) 18‹ to the left. The ball
lands 185 m from the tee. How far is the ball from the hole?

10. Given the points A(0, 0), B(3,1) and C(1,4), what is the
measure of Ú ABC?

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