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English 11 B

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Langston Hughes Questions:

1. Why does Edward hand over his belongings? (1 point)

A. He is afraid.

B. He feels sorry for the men.

C. He is in a hurry and thinks he will be able to get to his destination more quickly if he does as he is told.

D. none of the above

2. Why don’t the narrator and the other man want to hold Edward for ransom? Is their motivation internal or external? (5 points)

3. What argument does the other man use to convince the narrator to team up with him? What lesson do you think the narrator learned by the end of the evening? (5 points)

  • English 11 B -

    And you think the answers are ... ?

  • English 11 B -

    I think its 1. D
    2. Internal
    3.Not sure

  • English 11 B -

    1. he is afraid

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