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Homework Help: College Algebra

Posted by Kristen on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 8:47am.

I need some help with a few problems. They are multiple choice but need a breakdown on how I can work the problems. Thanks for your help!

1. Factor the trinomial completely. 10x^2 + 11x-6
a. (2x+3)(5x-2)
b. (2x-3)(5x+2)
c. (10x+3)(x-2)
d. (2x+1)(5x-6)

2. Compute as indicated. Write answers in lowest terms. 9/2s+9/4s^2
a. 9s+9/4s^2
b. 27/2s
c. 18s+9/4s^2
d. 27/4s^2

3. Simplify the expression, assuming that the variable can represent any real number -(8a^3/27)^4/3
a. - 16a^4/81
b. - 81/16a^4
c. 16a^4/81
d. 81/16a^4

4. Use the properties of exponents to simplify the expression. Write the answer using positive exponents only.. (a*b^-4/c^-7)^3

a. ab^12/c^21
b. b^12/a^3c^21
c. b^12c^7/a^3
d. ab^12c^7

5. Reduce to lowest terms x-3/3-x

a. 1
b. -1
c. x/3+3/x
d. x/3-3/x

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