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So a metal is found to absorb 1000 calories as it is heated from 40.0C to 60.0C. How much heat would the same sample absorb if it were heated from 60.0C to 80.0C?

I know I'm supposed to use the equation Q=s x m x delta t (or soemthing)
Q= energy absorbed
s= specific heat (on metal)
m= mass in grams
delta t = change in temperature

and I'll need to convert calories to joules.

so I'd get 4184 = s x m x 20
but the second equation has the same metal and same delta T, so how much heat would the sample absorb?

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    the delta temp is the same, mass is same, specific heat is same. Ans: 1000 calories. You don't need to do any math here.

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    Alright, I had thought that but it seemed a little weird :x thank you!

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    i belieeve you are working on penn foster :P if you are, you should email me and we can work together on it, im actually almost done with it. my email is rvargas @ live (dot) com. sorry, had to put it that way, cant post email addresses aparently :0

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