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Hi. I am Walter White. I am good at chemistry but suck at physics. Can you help me?
Bob is traveling in a very fast space (v=0.8c) away from Alice, who is sitting still in an observatory watching him through a very good telescope.

Bob is throwing stuff off the ship. He first throws a garbage bag out of the bow hatch, waits 20 seconds and then tosses another one from the stern hatch which is 20m away.

Meanwhile, Alice tosses garbage at a basket near her and misses. The garbage basket is 5m away and it takes 2.5s for it to reach (but miss) the basket.

a) According to Alice, how long a time interval passes between the first and second garbage bag through by Bob?

b) According to Bob, how long a time interval passes between Alice throwing her garbage and it missing the basket.

c) According to Alice, how far apart are the two hatches on Bob's ship?

d) According to Bob, how far apart are Alice and the garbage basket?

Special relativity questions. Thank you in advanced.

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