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Posted by Anil on Monday, January 14, 2013 at 1:09am.

El Nino and the mosoon. The earth is interconnected. For example, it appears that El Nino, the periodic warming of the Pacific Ocean west of South America, affects that the monsoon rains that are essential for agriculture in India. Here are the monsoon rains (in millimeters) for the 23 strong El Nino years between 1871 and 2004:

628 669 740 651 710 717 698 653 604 781 784 790 811 830 858 896

806 790 792 957 872

a. To make the stemplot of these rainfall amounts, round the data to the nearest 10, so that are hundress of millimeters and leaves are tens of millimeters. Make 2 stemplots, with and without splitting the stems. Which plot so you prefer?

b. Describe the shape, center, and spread of the distribution.

c. The average monsoon rainfall for all years form 1871 to 2004 is about 850 millimeters. What effect does El Nino appear to have on monsoon rains?

please help

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