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Let say you were given this equation:

NiBr2 + Co = Ni + CoBr2

How can you tell which is liquid,gas,solid,aqueous? Do you just use what you know and figure it out? Like since NiBr2 can be broken down because of the solubility rule, you can assume it aq then Co is a metal so you assume it a solid? Thanks

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    That's as good as any method I know. It uses what we know about substances. You can look up (or from the solubility rules) that NiBr is aq and you know the metals. There are some common gases. Look at the periodic table--it helps with gases that are elements. H2, N2, O2, F2, Cl2 (or course the noble gases but those aren't involved in chemical reactions.) Then CO2, NO2, N2O4, SO2, SO3, CH4(methane), C2H2(acetylene) and C2H4(ethylene) are rather common. These things get burned into the memory after practice.

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