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1.My family went to starbucks. My daughter and myself ordered drinks that were the same price. My son's drink was 5.00 dollars more than my drink. The total bill was $18.50. How much was each drink?

2.There were candies on the table. Andy grabbed 50% of the total candies, Bob grabbed 20% of the total and Cam took only 5% of the total. Now there are only 40 candies left on the table?
how many candies were on the table to begin with?
how many candies did each boy eat?

I was thinking really hard for these 2 questions but to be honest I don't have a clue. I have finished the rest of my homework though. these are the last 2 questions. Please help me . Thanks .

  • Math HELP PLEASE -

    1. Let x = you drink price, then x+5 = your son's.

    2x + (x+5) = 18.50

    3x = 13.50

    x = 4.50

    Take it from there.

    2. Let x = total number of candies.

    x - .5x - .2x - .05x = 40

    Solve for x and then the proportions for each person.

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