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Posted by Breanne on Friday, January 11, 2013 at 10:49pm.

On more than one occasion when our kids were small, we would come inside from playing in the snow and I would make hot chocolate by heating the chocolate milk in the microwave. Invariably, I would get the milk too hot for at least one of them. One time, rather than adding more cold milk to the hot chocolate (there wasn’t room in the mug), I dropped a couple of small ice cubes into the mug.if the initial temperature of the hot chocolate was is 175̊F, what would the temperature of the drink be once the ice cubes had completely melted? Express your answer in “degrees Celsius” to one decimal place. Additional information is provided below. For this problem, let’s assume that the initial temperature was 175̊F and the mug contained 325 g of hot chocolate.
Weight of ice cubes = 58 grams total weight
Initial temperature of ice cubes = - 18̊C
Specific heat capacity of the hot chocolate = 3.751 kJ/kgC̊

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