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13. Which statement below would an Islamist be most likely to agree with? (Points : 3)
All aspects of society—political, legal, economic, social, and cultural—should be guided by strict Muslim teaching.

If people of the Muslim world wish to become dominant in international affairs, they must adopt Western culture and values.

To improve economic conditions for people in the nations of the Middle East, it is important to promote greater cooperation and understanding with Europeans.

Muslim nations should use the Latin alphabet and encourage more education for women.

14. After Turkey gained its independence, its leader took all of the following steps to transform Turkish life except __________. (Points : 3)
creating a public education system

joining church and state

changing the Turkish alphabet to Latin letters

giving women new rights

15. What two groups experienced much conflict in Palestine as they struggled to attain their nationalist goals? (Points : 3)
Turks and Arabs

Jews and Arabs

Iranians and Jews

Egyptians and Arabs

16. Which of the following did not contribute to the Great Depression? (Points : 3)
Europe was struggling to recover from World War I.

People suffered serious losses in the stock market.

Banks made fewer loans to Europeans.

There was brutal competition for workers.

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