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4. European leaders began to introduce reforms at the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries. Which of the following was not proposed? (Points : 3)
shorter work hours for children

accident insurance for workers

old age pensions

guaranteed jobs

6. What natural resource contributed significantly to the rapid industrialization of Great Britain and Germany? (Points : 3)




7. By 1910, German dominance in what industry allowed it to become the new powerhouse in Europe? (Points : 3)




11. Most of the battles of World War I were fought on the European continent. Which of the following best describes what happened after the war as a result of this? (Points : 3)
European nations turned to Communism to rebuild their economies.

The U.S. economy prospered more than the economies of European nations.

The United States suffered an economic depression immediately following the war.

European nations prospered economically more than the United States.

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