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Algebra 2

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I know the answer to this question is: -1. I got that answer by substituting -1 in for x. Please show me how I should do this the correct way.
Thank you.

  • Algebra 2 -

    something wrong with my answer two hours ago? Here it is again.

    x/(3x+6) - (x+1)/(3x-6) = 1/(x^2-4)

    factor out the 1/3 on the left side, and factor the right side

    1/3 (x/(x+2) - (x+1)/(x-2)) = 1/((x+2)(x-2))

    now put LS over a common denominator

    1/3 (x(x-2) - (x+1)(x+2))/((x-2)(x+2)) = 1/((x+2)(x-2))

    multiply through by 3(x-2)(x+2)

    x(x-2) - (x+1)(x+2) = 3
    x^2 - 2x - x^2 - 3x - 2 = 3
    -5x - 2 = 3
    -5x = 5
    x = 1

  • Algebra 2 -

    Steve, thank you for showing me again. Yes, I couldn't quite get it last time. I understood factoring out the 1/3 on the left side. I understood factoring the denominator on the right side. After that I have trouble. Could you please show it to me again with more steps in place?

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