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how do chromosomes determine sex

a family has four children, two girls, and two boys. one girl and one boy are color blind. are their parents color blind

name at least three traits that are a results of polygenic inheritance
weight, eye clor, height (right)

what possible genotypes will te offspring have if the parents blood types are O and AB

a foal from a red colored mother and a white colored fatherhas a light red coat. what are the likely genetics behind the foals coloration. what makes you think this

how many crosses of red and white four-o-clock flowers would you need to find out all of the possible phenotypes for color of flowers

i need any help whatsoever. i don't expect you to answer these for me, but i will appreciate any and all help. thanks. -xxfangg.rockrrxx

  • Biology -

    XX = female and XY = male

    Children receive on sex chromosome from each parent. Colorblindness is a recessive trait on the X chromosome. Try a Punnett Square.

    Right with the three traits.

    Use Punnett square for OO and AB parent genotypes.

    The foal is neither colored like the father or mother, but somewhere in between. Hmmmm, what could that mean?

    Are the flower colors dominant or recessive?

    I hope this helps.

  • Biology -

    A foal from a red colored mother and a white colored father, has a light red coat. What are the likely genetics behind the foal’s coloration. What makes you think this?

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