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math-please help,need quickly

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solve the polynomial inequality and graph the solution set on a real num ber line. express the solution set in interval notation


please show work

  • math-please help,need quickly -

    Look for roots of
    x^3+x^2+64x+64 = 0
    among x = +or- 1,2,4,8 and 16
    (That is called using the rational rooot theorem)

    One of them is x= -1. Therefore (x+1) is a factor of the polynomial.
    Now divide x^3+ x^2+ 64x+ 64 by x+1 for the other roots. Between the x values where f(x) = 0, the function is either + or -. You will have to figure that out.

    If you can't, try reading

  • math-please help,need quickly -

    Given the statement below, translate to an inequality. Use the variable n.
    The cost of repairs will be at most $240.

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