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Word bank authorize culprit dawdle dissect expend fatality gullible illicit immerse inflammatory memorandum pathetic persevere prevaricate quash relish reminisce scour tribute writhe

We tried to hold Tom steady but he ____ with pain as the doctor put splints on his broken leg

This pass ____ you to visit certain tooms in this museum that are not open to the general public

the story of the homeless child was so ____ that it moved us all to tears

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    Cracking down on ____ drug traffic is one of the biggest problems facing law enforcement agencies in the US

    After we had _____ the animal we had to pint to each of its important organs and explain its main function

    I love to listen to my grandmother ___ about his boyhood adventures in Coney Island

    Before you ____ yourself in the bath be sure to test the temperature in the water

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    All are right except for the last one.

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    Do you really think that I am ____ enough to believe his foolish story about being a member of the Olympic team?

    NO matter how talented you may be you will never be successful unless you learn to ____ in what you undertake

    Only a bigot would dare to make such a rude and even in jest I replied

    We had to persevere the walls for hours to get rid of the dirt and grease with which they were encrusted

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    You're getting tired. Only the first of these last four is correct.

    I think you've left something out of the third one.

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