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A batted baseball, which leaves the bat at an angle 〖30〗^0 above the horizontal, is caught by an outfielder 120m from the plate.
a.) What is the initiated velocity of the ball?
b.) How high did it rise?
c.) How long was it in the air?

my friend asked that question. I really want to help her but i do not know where to start. I am not good in physics.
.please help me to answer this question. Thanks :)

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    a) The distance the ball travels is
    D = Vo^2*sin60/g = 120 m
    Solve for the initial velocity Vo

    Vo^2 = 120*9.8/sin60 = 1358 m^2/s^2
    Vo = 36.85 m/s

    b) H = Vo^2sin^2(30)/(2*g)

    c) Hang time = 2*Vo*sin30/g

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