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Archers need to use arrows that do not bend easily. The table shows how the weight of an arrow affects its spine or the distance the center of the arrow bends when a certain constant weight is attached. Graph the data in the table to find a linear and quadratic model for the data. Use the regression feature on your calculator to find each model. Which model is a better fit? Explain.

weight(in grams)
140 150 170 175 205

weight (in inches)
1.4 1.25 0.93 0.78 0.43

Can someone please help me with this problem I'm totally lost.

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    Plot the points (140, 1.4); (150, 1.25); (170, 0.93); (175, 0.78); (205, 0.43) on your graphing calculator; Use your calculator manual to find out how to fit this data to a straight line (linear model), and then a quadratic equation (quadratic model) Look at the results; which has a better fit? Do the data look like they are in a straight line, or more like points on a parabola?

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    Must feel good to feel like seventh grade again. I do not envy you tainkg Algebra although I remember it with more fondness than Geometry which just about did me in.Maria

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